Dust Mite Detection Kit - $30.00

The ACLOTEST House Dust Mite Detection Kit is a low-cost, disposable kit that quickly and accurately determines the levels of house dust mite infestation in your home.

The dominant role of dust mites as the single important source of dust allergen is undisputed. Dust mites live in beds, carpets, sofas, upholstered furniture, air ducts, and even in stuffed toys. A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 1000,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites.

The AcloTest dust mite test kit is an easy way to scientifically find out how much of a problem dust mites are in your home. This easy-to-use, dip stick test kit specifically measures the level of house dust mite allergen. The test takes about 1 hour, after which the amount of allergen is read by matching the color on the reagent strip to scale printed in the package insert. The kit is very sensitive and very specific, telling if there is enough allergen to cause symptoms or to sensitize an individual who is predisposed to allergies from dust mites. Everything needed to conduct the test is included, along with complete instructions.

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